Platelet Rich Plasma Delray Beach

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP as it is know is a therapy used to naturally regenerate your skin, hair and joints as well as other areas in the body. PRP uses your own blood, which is separated by using a centrifuge while you wait. This process causes a large number of growth factors and platelets to become concentrated. Then just this portion of your blood is injected into the area that is being treated. This causes rejuvenation, healing and regrowth of collagen, cartilage, ligaments and hair. PRP has been safely used for decades with phenomenal results.

Not all Platelet Rich Plasma is created equal

While there are now many practices offering PRP procedures they are not all the same. There are various types of extraction and processing kits used to create PRP. Unfortunately, a large number of them don’t deliver the proper concentration of PRP to have successful treatment leaving a less desirable or non-therapeutic result. That is why we use only proven systems that have continually demonstrated successful results in our patients, so this is something very important to consider before having any procedure.