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Are Dermal Fillers Safe?

For some people, the thought of having a product injected into their face can be very unsettling. That is why a lot of patients ask us if dermal-filler injections are safe. The short answer is yes, dermal-filler injections are actually very safe. The dermal fillers we use at Radiant Aesthetic Med Spa are all approved […]

What Can I Do About My Facial Scars?

Do you have a noticeable scar on your face that you feel self-conscious about? At Radiant Aesthetic MedSpa, we can provide you with the care you need to feel comfortable with your appearance. One of the best treatment options for reducing the appearance of scars is Venus Viva. Venus Viva is an amazing skin-resurfacing device […]

Bothered by the Hollowed Appearance of Your Cheeks?

The aging process triggers a number of aesthetic changes in the face. One of the most common and most noticeable aesthetic changes is the loss of facial volume. When facial volume loss occurs in the cheeks, it can cause them to take on a hollowed appearance. One of the best options for addressing facial volume […]

How Do Stretch Marks Form?

Are you embarrassed by the appearance of your body because of your noticeable stretch marks? Stretch marks can be difficult to avoid because of how easy it is for them to form. The primary reason why stretch marks form is due to rapid weight gain. When people gain weight in areas like their stomach and […]

An Easy Way to Treat Your Crow’s Feet

When it comes to reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, Botox is one of your best options. The injection process is quick and produces minimal discomfort, and you won’t need to worry about going through a long recovery period. Crow’s feet form when the underlying facial muscles become strained due to repeated use and the […]